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This weekend, we went to the Writers’ museum and National gallery. By listening to the audio guide, I heard the introductions of some famous Irish writers, including Bram Stoker ( Dracula ), Jonathan Swift ( Gulliver’s travels ), Oscar Wilde ( Happy Prince, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The importance of being earnest ), George Bernard Shaw ( My Fair Lady ), William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw ( My Fair Lady ), and James Joyce ( Dubliner, Ulysses ) and Samuel Beckett. I saw the death mask of Patrick Kavanagh and the special telephone of Samuel Beckett. Our second destination is the National gallery, in which we were introduced some famous paintings. I am particularly impressed by a work called “The artist’s studio.” In the painting, the painter portrayed his second wife, Hazel, who was praised to be the most beautiful woman in the mid-west. During the walking tour, we were told the history of GPO, General Post Office, where the Easter Rising took place in 1916. We can still see many bullet holes on the walls of the building now. On the Moore St., we saw a scribed board on the wall, on it is a farewell letter written by the very first leader of the Easter Rising that died in action, O’Rahilly. He wrote down his final words to his beloved wife, Nancy, and sacrificed his life for the establishment of the Irish Republic.